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stuffed peppers


This recipe was requested by my vegan friend who was missing her mom’s beef-and-rice stuffed peppers. For this recipe I use nutty brown rice instead of white and tempeh and fresh shiitake mushrooms to bring a meaty flavor and texture. I also use veggie broth, tomato paste and a tiny bit of soy sauce to […]

We were deep into a lazy summer Sunday when we started to make dinner plans. Given the heat, our need for a nap, and all the opportunity still left in the day (going to the pool!), we decided to order takeout pizza. I offered to make a salad, and felt inspired by the day to […]

summer sangria


In honor of a year of blogging recipes and the fact that I have made sangria many, many times for friends, I thought I would post a recipe. We just made a big (really big!) batch, and I think this is the best yet! There’s nothing like some delicious summer fruit, chilled wine and ice […]