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They are rolling up the red carpet in LA after the Oscar festivities. Our tradition is to share appetizers and champagne with friends and watch the spectacle, filling out Oscar ballots and evaluating the apparel choices of the stars. This year I made a few quick appetizers. This recipe is one that I have made […]

stuffed peppers


This recipe was requested by my vegan friend who was missing her mom’s beef-and-rice stuffed peppers. For this recipe I use nutty brown rice instead of white and tempeh and fresh shiitake mushrooms to bring a meaty flavor and texture. I also use veggie broth, tomato paste and a tiny bit of soy sauce to […]

mushroom gravy


In preparation for Thanksgiving, I thought I would share my mushroom gravy recipe. This goes great on all the starchy Thanksgiving dishes, but is vegetarian. It provides just the boost in flavor that a lonely stack of mashed potatoes is lacking in a carnivorous Thanksgiving feast. Cook yourself a batch, bring it in a container, […]

I created this recipe after getting inspired to experiment with varieties of mushroom other than the standard Crimini or Button. We subscribe to a CSA (organic produce box), and one week this spring we got a bag of oyster mushrooms. Up until this point I had always been intimidated by other mushrooms. I don’t know […]