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Tis the season for tons of surplus zucchini and squash. In an effort to tackle this challenge (in service of my friends’ beautiful garden) and make a quick and satisfying lunch, I developed this recipe as a riff on eggplant parmesan. Finding soft rolls is important. Be sure to eat this dish soon because the […]

I have recently encountered several savory dishes featuring watermelon, which inspired this dish. The salad balances textures (the soft chewiness of israeli couscous, the crunchy bite of watermelon and the creamy feel of cheese) and flavors (the toastyness of the couscous, the sweetness of watermelon and the saltiness of the cheese), plus the fresh and spicy flavor of […]

This recipe was a happy outcome of an experiment gone wrong. I was attempting to make goat cheese filled roasted peppers, but the peppers kept falling apart. So instead I decided to blend the cheese and pepper and spread the mixture on toasts. The result is a delicious, summery appetizer. Sweet Pepper-Goat Cheese Toasts with […]