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creamy corn dip


This recipe was inspired by another recipe that was inspired by Mexican corn on the cob, or elote. I love elote. The tanginess of the lime and the crema, the saltiness of the cotija cheese, the spiciness of the hot sauce and the sweetness of the corn is the perfect combination. I wanted to bring […]

I know this is two cauliflower recipes out of three posted this month. Given the sometimes controversial nature of cauliflower, I know that might be a lot. I did want to give my previous experiment another shot. Faithful readers will remember that in the process of developing the truffled cauliflower recipe, I initially tried adding¬†caramelized […]

They are rolling up the red carpet in LA after the Oscar festivities. Our tradition is to share appetizers and champagne with friends and watch the spectacle, filling out Oscar ballots and evaluating the apparel choices of the stars. This year I made a few quick appetizers. This recipe is one that I have made […]

This is a super simple recipe I developed awhile ago, and revived to share at a weeknight dinner in honor of a friend’s birthday. It is a recipe that can be mostly prepped ahead and quickly put on the table. The crunch of the bread, the creaminess of the ricotta and the tang and sweetness […]

This recipe was a happy outcome of an experiment gone wrong. I was attempting to make goat cheese filled roasted peppers, but the peppers kept falling apart. So instead I decided to blend the cheese and pepper and spread the mixture on toasts. The result is a delicious, summery appetizer. Sweet Pepper-Goat Cheese Toasts with […]



Though we haven’t had much of a summer in San Francisco this year, thankfully there has been a summer in the rest of Northern California, yielding wonderful dry farmed Early Girl tomatoes. Bruschetta is a classic appetizer that features fresh tomatoes, basil and garlic. To incorporate the garlic, I use a mortar and pestle and […]

artichoke dip


‘Tis the season for appetizers! Here’s my attempt to develop another healthy and delicious appetizer. My mom’s family always has Artichoke Dip (you know the one: creamy, rich and awesome!) at their family gatherings. Don’t get me wrong — I love that stuff. But, I fear that more than a few of my extra pounds […]

I created this appetizer as a light, fresh, and savory start to Thanksgiving. The lemon and basil really make the rich beans pop, and the sweetness of the endive brings all the flavors together. Endive with Lemony Basil Cannellini Beans Ingredients: large endive leaves, separated, cleaned and dried 1 can of cannellini beans, drained 1 […]

Thanksgiving is a great holiday for folks who love to cook. Given that a meal is central to the holiday, Thanksgiving offers an excellent opportunity to experiment, cook old favorites, and share your craft with those you love. Though it may seem to present a lot of complications for those of us who choose to […]