thanksgiving for veggie/vegan folks


Thanksgiving is a great holiday for folks who love to cook. Given that a meal is central to the holiday, Thanksgiving offers an excellent opportunity to experiment, cook old favorites, and share your craft with those you love. Though it may seem to present a lot of complications for those of us who choose to abstain from the turkey, butter and cream, I have actually found Thanksgiving to be an excellent excuse to eat a wealth of fruits and veggies. Thanksgiving is, after all, a festival that celebrates the end of harvest, and the other – oft-neglected – symbol of the holiday is a bountiful cornucopia brimming with produce. Though it may be hard if you are not the one in charge of wielding the knife, there are so many options for delicious dishes that Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to share hearty, savory vegan fare with those you love.

I worked for several years with a fellow teacher and dear friend, Dan. Dan really inspired me to take Thanksgiving to a new level. Every year, right after Halloween, Dan would bring out his cook books, magazines and recipe cards, and begin to plan his elaborate, gourmet Thanksgiving menu. His final step in planning was usually to procure some locally made microbrew that paired with his menu perfectly. Dan took such delight in planning his meal that he inspired me to make my own Thanksgiving traditions.

So, every Thanksgiving season, after the family meals have been eaten, we gather together with some of our closest friends to share in our own Thanksgiving meal. This menu is always vegetarian, and many items we make are vegan. Over the years, I have developed my favorite dishes, and I wanted to share this menu with those of you responsible for feeding your communities – vegan, vegetarian and carnivorous. While this menu might never replace turkey for those who are attached to the tradition, it will leave everyone at the table satisfied.

You may notice that several of these dishes come from Sunset Magazine. A few years back, they published a Thanksgiving issue with several amazing recipes. Kudos to the recipe developer working that year, as these recipes have become staples for our meal.


3 Responses to “thanksgiving for veggie/vegan folks”

  1. 1 musingsofamusiclover

    Being vegetarian has never stopped me from loving Thanksgiving. In fact, it’s my favorite holiday, no turkey required.

  2. 2 Thomas

    What do you think about the Quorn?
    I’ve had one variety (I think the breaded type) and didn’t love it.
    I would be willing to try it again . . .
    Are different Quorn varieties much different?

    • I’ve never had the breaded products, but I really do love the roast and the un-breaded cutlets. They are juicy and have a great texture. With the roast, I bake it with a little bit of veggie broth in a loaf pan, covered with foil (to keep it from drying out). I would recommend trying them!

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