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I had never made granola before, but I was excited to experiment. I recently ate some granola with chocolate in it, and loved the combination. The addition of the chocolate basically turns this granola into a deconstructed oatmeal cookie. The toastiness of the oats and the pecans, the saltiness of the pecans and the sweetness […]

In preparation for an Oscars Party hosted by a lactose-intolerant friend, I have developed a recipe for nearly vegan chocolate eclairs. The dough for these fairly fancy pastries is surprisingly easy to make. The dough contains eggs. The filling has a silken tofu base and the ganache is made with almond milk. Nearly Vegan Chocolate […]

I tinkered with several recipes for fresh mint ice cream recently for two reasons: 1. last weekend I visited Santa Cruz and had an amazing scoop of fresh mint chip at the Penny Ice Creamery; 2. my dear friends just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and I am on meal duty tomorrow night. […]

This is one of the easiest dessert recipes out there, and it produces a decadent, crowd-pleasing dish every time I make it. Chocolate bread pudding has become a signature dish, one that friends request over and over. It was inspired by a recipe I read in Sunset Magazine, but I have tweaked it over the […]

I’ve been making this recipe for friends for years. To me, there is nothing that says summer more than strawberry shortcake. I grew up with strawberry shortcake at family bbqs, summer dinners at grandma and grandpa’s or when I successfully lobbied my mom at the grocery store on those days when they had the towering […]

This recipe was inspired by two sources: PETA and Julia Child. I know they may seem diametrically opposed, but their opposition is a great illustration of my approach to food. I am vegan about half the time (though almost never outside my house, unless at a vegan restaurant). I am sympathetic to the Animal Rights cause, but I […]