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I created this recipe after getting inspired to experiment with varieties of mushroom other than the standard Crimini or Button. We subscribe to a CSA (organic produce box), and one week this spring we got a bag of oyster mushrooms. Up until this point I had always been intimidated by other mushrooms. I don’t know […]

  This is another schmear recipe from this summer’s wedding extravaganza!  I think this one was my favorite — it will definitely fool the most hardcore dairy lovers! The sun-dried tomatoes and basil make this spread rich and savory. A hearty schmear is especially good on a toasted sesame bagel. Vegan Sun-dried Tomato-Basil  Schmear Ingredients: […]

This summer I had the privilege to make vegan brunch for my sister-in-law and brother-in-law’s wedding celebration. As a part of the menu, I decided to experiment with vegan schmears. I don’t actually like vegan cream cheese on its own, but after experiment with several flavors, I came to love these schmears. The secret for […]

Today I had the pleasure of participating in a cooking contest at the lovely Omnivore Books on Food in my neighborhood in SF. Periodically, the owner of the book store hosts these contests; a theme is selected, anyone can enter, tasters pay a nominal fee at the door and the winner splits the pot. I always try […]

Since moving to San Francisco, I have enjoyed visiting the mercados (Latin markets) in my neighborhood. Not only is the produce cheap and plentiful, I can also buy cotija cheese by the wedge, crema and a variety of other Latin products that are fun for a gringa like me to experiment with in the privacy […]

summer gazpacho


Gazpacho is one of those dishes that you can’t serve to just anyone. It is a cold, savory soup (almost a liquid salad, really). I happen to love tomatoes in all forms — including juice — so I don’t mind its potentially unappetizing, unconventional (to Americans, of course) approach . I love the depth of […]

Since the first time I came with my partner to Denver to visit her extended family, I have had the pleasure of taking part in her tradition of making scones with her aunt, Jane. While the scones bake, we wander in her garden. And when the scones are done, we eat them — almost straight […]