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This is a super simple recipe I developed awhile ago, and revived to share at a weeknight dinner in honor of a friend’s birthday. It is a recipe that can be mostly prepped ahead and quickly put on the table. The crunch of the bread, the creaminess of the ricotta and the tang and sweetness […]

  Here’s another holiday-inspired recipe! I was invited to brunch at a lactose-intolerant friend’s house this morning. They were having bagels, ¬†and wondered if I could bring a vegan schmear. Given that the weather has recently turned very autumnal in SF, I felt inspired to experiment with pumpkin flavors. The bourbon adds depth, the pecans […]

I invented these treats in honor of Halloween, and also because we had the ingredients lying around the house. These cookie sandwiches are kid-friendly, vegan-friendly and quick and delicious! Seems like the perfect combination for a busy holiday season! Vegan Almond Butter-Dark Chocolate Graham Cracker Sandwiches Ingredients: 24 graham cracker squares 1/2 cup almond butter […]