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I know this is two cauliflower recipes out of three posted this month. Given the sometimes controversial nature of cauliflower, I know that might be a lot. I did want to give my previous experiment another shot. Faithful readers will remember that in the process of developing the truffled cauliflower recipe, I initially tried adding¬†caramelized […]

They are rolling up the red carpet in LA after the Oscar festivities. Our tradition is to share appetizers and champagne with friends and watch the spectacle, filling out Oscar ballots and evaluating the apparel choices of the stars. This year I made a few quick appetizers. This recipe is one that I have made […]

Lately I have found myself with a lot of cauliflower on my hands. Makes sense given the season, but one can only eat so much steamed cauliflower before it gets old. I have also roasted it (which I love) but I wanted to try something new. Awhile back I heard a radio piece on how […]