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Thanksgiving is a great holiday for folks who love to cook. Given that a meal is central to the holiday, Thanksgiving offers an excellent opportunity to experiment, cook old favorites, and share your craft with those you love. Though it may seem to present a lot of complications for those of us who choose to […]

mushroom gravy


In preparation for Thanksgiving, I thought I would share my mushroom gravy recipe. This goes great on all the starchy Thanksgiving dishes, but is vegetarian. It provides just the boost in flavor that a lonely stack of mashed potatoes is lacking in a carnivorous Thanksgiving feast. Cook yourself a batch, bring it in a container, […]

My grandmother taught me how to can way before it was hip. She did it because she preferred the way home-canned apricots and peaches, relish and jam, and pickles tasted. It was hard, hot work, but it was always worth it. I lived for eight years in Walla Walla, an agricultural community in southeastern Washington. […]

Pickled Green Onions with Tarragon and Peppercorns Ingredients: 20 green onions, washed and trimmed at the root and top, so that the onion is only 3-4 inches long 6 cups cider vinegar 3 cups water 1/4 cup salt 1/4 cup sugar 6 sprigs of tarragon 1/4 cup black peppercorns 2 Wide-mouthed pint jars Instructions: Prepare […]